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Thursday, October 7, 2010

We just keep trampling...

Alright, so the Blog has been dead for ages. Work, school, (in University, woot) stuff, life, all that jazz has intruded and made my life online less than existant. However, I came across something tonight that got my blood a pounding so much that I just had to break my long cycle of inactivity, as well as have even less of my ever so precious sleep, to post about it.

Watch this video and read the brief description to see what I am talking about:
Arrest of Peaceful Pro-Life students @ Carleton University.

So you get the picture? Students were peacefully having a demonstration against abortion, and were arrested. Couple of things: the pictures they were showing were the more graphic variety, and they had been offered a room in a building, where nobody would ever see them.

First off, abortion is wrong. Period. I defy anyone to prove me wrong. Just getting that out there.

But secondly, and some who consider abortion a unimportant issue (I am not one), would think more to the point, this just shows how bad our Rights and Freedoms have been trampled. Even those who staunchly believe in abortion, and want to go out and kill me for disagreeing with them, should agree with me that this was an infringement on their rights. As the girl, Ruth Lobo, was telling the cops, they had a perfectly legal right to be there. It was private property, but the students had paid tuition for the right to be there, and the school's rules said they had the right to protest, etc. Ruth Lobo said it better in the video, watch it! That the "University" would go and get the cops to haul those people away just because they were demonstrating against a "offensive" topic is disgusting. I definately know that I'll never enrole in that place. I'd say more, but really, all that was needed to be said was in that video. I just needed to get the video out there.

Anyhow, it's late, I have class tomorrow, and I know I will regret not having gone to bed already. I just needed to get this out there and off my chest.

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